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PIKE JAPAN | Japan then and now

For people curious about Japan

Editor's choice: Our Favs from the First Two Years

Editor's choice: Our Favs from the First Two Years

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  • Ryosuke Komori

    Ryosuke Komori| President

    I grew up in Kyoto, Japan's ancient capital and the birthplace of so much of its culture. The art and culture of Kyoto and Japan in general have had a deep influence on me.
When I was in college, my friends and I launched an email magazine service called MaguMagu! It was a success and became well known among many Japanese in the 40-and-older cohort. The business expanded, and we set up an American subsidiary in Seattle. That's how I got to know and fall in love with this city.
    After I left the email magazine business, I spent two years preparing to launch a new media company which would have at its core Origami, a free magazine about Japan. I moved to Seattle in May to get ready to launch the magazine.

    I want Origami to teach readers about Japan and get them ready to experience Japan firsthand. I also want to connect readers with some outstanding brands and goods that are made with kodawari, a term you will hear much more about in the pages of Origami.
  • Bruce Rutledge

    Bruce Rutledge| Director, Editor in Chief

    I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and went to Kenyon College, a small liberal arts school with a strong emphasis on writing and literature. That’s where I developed my love of reading and writing. After graduating, I spent 15 years of my young adult life in Japan. The experience changed my life forever. I ended up moving to Seattle in 2002 to open Chin Music Press, a book publishing company that has often published work from and about Japan.
Origami provides me a chance to tell stories about Japan, but also to connect readers with some amazing people who know Japan as well as anyone. The writers and artists you’ll get to know in the pages of the magazine have expertise honed by years of study and practice. I’m excited for readers to get to know them.
  • Akemi Ikeda

    Akemi Ikeda| Vice President, Sales & Marketing Manager

    I have been working in media relations in the Seattle area for more than a decade. During that span, I have felt a deep desire to bring closer together my homeland of Japan and my adopted home in the Pacific Northwest. With Origami, I finally get that chance.
    I would like to contribute to a deeper understanding of Japanese culture, cuisine and traditions here in the Seattle area. While Americans have become more acquainted with aspects of Japanese culture such as anime and manga, that is just the tip of the iceberg. I believe that the better we get to know each other, the better our relations will be.
    Finally, I love living in this part of the world. We have beautiful mountain ranges to the east and west, a temperate climate, sparkling lakes and a diverse culture. I have become a big fan of Washington wines, too. All in all, I feel blessed to have chosen Bellevue as my home.